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Labels , , , , Louis Vuitton's New Gifting Collections: Stationery and Home Decor

Louis Vuitton's New Gifting Collections: Stationery and Home Decor

Louis Vuitton has launched a new Gifting collection comprising over 30 items divided into 3 categories:  stationery, home decor, and gaming.

The "Joy of Writing" stationery range allows you to create your perfect luxe workspace. Items include graphite pencils, penholders, desk pads, notebooks in Eip and Taiga leather, decorative leather bookmarks, mouse pads, and even rulers! I'm loving the notebooks and bookmarks!

Penholders and graphite pencils

Leather bookmarks and graphite pencils
Mouse Pads in Monogram canvas and leather

Ink Pads

Gifts from the The Joy of Decorating series include some of my favourites:  valet trays which can also be used for your keys or as jewellery trays. Alternatively, you can also up the creativity and use these as dishes for your cocktail nuts and snacks! 

A combination of Mouse Pads, Valet trays at the corners, and the leather box in the middle

And then there are pocket mirrors and  these leather boxes which are perfect to keep your jewellery that you wear on a daily basis, in, which come in a variety of pretty colours.
Pocket mirrors

And then there are these plexiglass photo frames that come with gold trunk-like corners as well as a yoyo, spinning top, card and dice pouches from the Joy of Gaming collection. 

The gifting collection is now currently available in Louis Vuitton stores globally! Would you be getting anything from these collections? I'm definitely eyeing the notebooks, leather bookmarks, and the leather boxes!! What about you? 

Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton