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Labels , , Breaking: Riccardo Tisci Leaves Givenchy

Breaking: Riccardo Tisci Leaves Givenchy

Just days before Fashion Month kicks off, Givenchy has announced that Riccardo Tisci will be leaving the Maison after being at the creative helm for 12 long years. As a result of his departure, there will be NO women's show during Paris Fashion Week later this month. The Spring Couture and Men's Fall/Winter 17 collections were said to be his last for Givenchy. Although Givenchy says that Tisci's is leaving due to his contract expiring, it seems really odd  to me that they break this news just days before Fashion Month AND not have a women's show, because in the past, even when there have been announcements of designers leaving, they usually just present the collection anyway because it would've already been almost done when we're just less than a month before their runway presentation at Fashion Week. If they'd already planned NOT to have a women's show this season, then why didn't they announce this during the Spring Couture collection? It's not like they didn't know when his contract ends, innit? I smell something fishy here. What are your thoughts?

It is also rumoured that Tisci will be heading to Versace, but as to how far that's true, only time will tell. But who is to take over at Givenchy? Here comes another round of musical chairs once again.

I'm sure Givenchy fans will remember Tisci most for his incorporation of street wear into luxe fashion, and those Rottweiler, Shark, and Bambi prints will be flying off the shelves now.