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Labels , Prada's latest Mod Sunglasses

Prada's latest Mod Sunglasses

Prada has unveiled the new Mod Eyewear Collection with acetate detailing and framed in metal. I know there are many of you lovelies who have gazillion pairs of sunglasses, but I have to admit though, that I'm the sort who can only live with just one pair. All I have to do is just find the right pair  in a shape that's suitable for my face, and I'll probably live with that till it dies. When I saw this pair of sunnies however, I actually thought of getting a second pair because I love the shape and though the metal frame goes all the way round, the fact that the acetate is "L" shaped on the frame, somehow creates the illusion as if the bottom of the frame is "cut" off. Oh and the fact that there's it's available in Apricot (which looks more pinkish than peachy), was another motivating factor for me. Lol.

Image courtesy of Prada