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Hermès Printed Constance for SS17

Hello lovelies, and welcome to the first blogpost of 2017!!! This year, I thought I'd start the year with something bright, cheery, and bold, from an ultra-luxe brand, so here's the Hermès Constance III bag in an "On a Summer Day" print on Swift calfskin!

It really is great that Hermès has a happy piece like this as part of its seasonal collections, because it really isn't often that we see something like this on their bags, isn't it? There was that Tattersall canvas Constance that was offered as part of the 2016/17 Fall-Winter Collection , and now this "On a Summer Day" motif one from the upcoming Spring/Summer 17 collection, so could Hermès be starting to introduce more happy-printed bags as part of their seasonal offerings? Whether they are, or aren't (I'm rooting for the former!) remains to be seen, but don't you just love the bold and vibrant hues on this print designed by British artist Nigel Peake (who works very closely with Hermès) that is said to be inspired by a "summer stroll through the city"? I know I certainly do, and besides, the print reminds me of those beautiful modernist street art walls.

Then again, I know that this type of print is something that you'll either love or hate, because I know that there are many Hermès purists out there, who prefer the more clean and Classic look that the Maison has come to be recognised for. With my love for prints and colour (haha no surprises here!) I embrace the fun side of this bag with arms wide open.  What about YOU?