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Fendi's Chinese New Year Capsule Collection

With Chinese New Year just 3 weeks away, several luxury brands have launched their special Chinese New Year Capsule collections. Mostly, these are just available within the Asian region specific to those celebrating the festivity, but FENDI's is available globally! I know that this is probably good news for most of you, my dear readers, because during times like these, many of you tend to email me asking whether you can buy it in Europe, America, or the other non-Asian countries in which you may reside, and end up disappointed because it isn't available in your market.  So rejoice lovelies, because you, too, now can purchase a piece from a special Chinese New Year Capsule Collection!

As with most CNY-specific collections, they're in auspicious red, and FENDI's is no exception. The Special capsule collection comprises bags such as the Micro Peekaboo (RM 8,350), mini backpack (RM 9,710), Tube clutch (4,940), and small leather goods, including the Strap You (RM 4,740) -- the all of which are embellished with Rainbow Studs in 3-dimensional oversized square and round studs. 

The CNY Capsule Collection is now available in all FENDI boutiques globally, so happy shopping! 

Image courtesy of FENDI