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Louis Vuitton x Supreme For Fall/Winter 17: The Epitome of Luxe Street Style

Even if you haven't seen Louis Vuitton's Men's Fall/Winter 17 runway show LIVE on the blog here, you've probably already heard, or seen it all over social media, that the Maison has collaborated with cult streetwear brand, Supreme. The  Louis Vuitton x Supreme collab comprises a collection of sports equipment, miscellaneous accessories, lanyards, tech accessories, and outerwear. Yep, so by the Fall/Winter 17 season, you'll get to meet the Louis Vuitton Skater Boy, or, in Avril Lavigne's terms, "sk8er boi", because the collab includes skateboards, skateboard trunks, bandanas, gloves, iPhone cases, duffle bags, a trunk, scarves, and even bottle openers! Most of the collab items pays direct homage to the Supreme logo, so they're mostly in Red with a either white Vuitton monogram motif, or the Supreme logo itself, but there are some items in denim too.

Photo via GQ

According to Louis Vuitton Creative Director Kim Jones,

"[he] doesn't talk about politics here, but this collection is inspired by the glory days of New York artists in the '70s, '80s, and '90s -- people like Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Julian Schnabel, Robert Mapplethorpe. It's the time when anyone from anywhere went out and mixed together in clubs. ... It was looking at the uptown-downtown social mix, which was so important then. It's really important. Because thats the thing that seems to be crumbling now"

Photo via GQ

Supreme then later revealed 2 other items that were not spotted on the runways. I'm loving the sneaks!

A photo posted by David Thielebeule (@david_boots) on

Supreme then posted on their official Instagram page, revealing 2 other items, that were not spotted on Vuitton's FW17 runway. I'm loving the sneaks!!!

A photo posted by Supreme (@supremenewyork) on

A photo posted by Supreme (@supremenewyork) on

In case you missed it, watch the FULL Vuitton Men's Fall/Winter 17 show via the on-demand service right here.

Photos via Vogue Runway & GQ