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Fendi's Gold Edition Holiday 2016 Capsule Collection

The first thing that usually comes to mind is the when we think of the Holiday season, is something glittery, sparkly, glamorous, and when it comes to bags, metallics are also usually included in this list.  For the 2016 Holiday season, FENDI has launched the Gold Edition Capsule Collection and yup, you guessed it, it's a primarily metallic gold and black collection! The collection is thematically reflective of the Resort collection's bags, so we're talking wave motifs and studded accents. 

The Gold Edition Capsule Collection comprises the Dotcom, Dotcom Click, MiniPeekaboo, By-the-Way, MicroBaguette, MicroDoubleBaguette, and Backpacks, along with a cute Gold Edition Hypnodoll fur charm. 

Oh, and did I mention that the Hypnodoll is not just a cutesy ornament? In fact, it's the epitome of wearable tech because it also a smartphone charging device (think fancy power bank!) ;)  If there's one thing I definitely want from the collection, it's this Gold Edition Hypnodoll.

Images courtesy of FENDI