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Labels , Christmas Gifting Idea: Something for the Men

Christmas Gifting Idea: Something for the Men

Since I'm always telling you about women's bags and luxury accessories, I figure today, as part of my Christmas gifting guide, I'd feature something for the men! See, guys -- I really haven't forgotten about you at all!  ;D 

Bottega Veneta's bags and SLGs (yes even those for men!) can have that very timeless and classic look, and this usually means that they're mostly (though not always!) solid colours, in neutral and earthy tones. And this, guys, is why I've picked these -- because it isn't often that Bottega offers bi-coloured SLGs for men (women too!) in a combination of both smooth calf, and the iconic weave on one item. What's even better is that if it's in a neutral solid shade like that olive one you see up there in the photo, the inside, in a contrasting tone, presents us with a pleasant surprise! So ladies, if you're reading this, perhaps these SLGs may be something you can gift your man! Or guys, if you're looking at this post, it could make a lovely gift for your partner, or even yourself, because I'm a firm believer in giving yourself a present during Christmas, your Birthday, or a special celebratory occasion - #selfloveFTW! ;)

Image courtesy of Bottega Veneta