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Chanel's Coco Cuba Multicoloured Ombré Boy Bags

I was in love with these ombre rainbow pastel Boy bags the moment I saw them come down the Coco Cuba Cruise 2017 runway, and I'm still as in love with them now. In super colourful caviar, they're just so happy, and if you were to ask me to choose between the two of them, I really can't because I love both the colours on each. Oh and when I showed them to a friend, he commented that they remind him of the pastel spiral marshmallows. Okay fine, if I reallllly had to choose, I prefer the hues on the mini boy a tad more because of the green and turquoise, but for practicality, the Medium would be a more sensible option. But, whichever it may be, these Boys have my name written all over them, don't you think?  LOVE.

Image via Chanel