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Labels , , Miu Miu Club Bag in Ombré for Cruise 2017

Miu Miu Club Bag in Ombré for Cruise 2017

One of Miu Miu's newer designs, the thing that I found interesting about this Miu Miu Club bag ( apart from my obvious love for ombré) is that short chunky chain detail that rests atop the bag's flap, without which, it would just be another regular plain-looking Miu Miu Matelasse bag. . It's a rather clever addition because while it is part of the much thinner, long shoulder strap, this detail still dangles over the bag even when worn on the shoulder, because the chunkier sections can't fit through the holes. And the strap detail is rather innovative, don't you think, because I certainly can't think of any other bag or brand with this sort of chain strap.

Image courtesy of Miu Miu