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Labels , , Bulgari's Black-and-Gold Serpenti Graphic Frame Bag

Bulgari's Black-and-Gold Serpenti Graphic Frame Bag

The Fall/Winter season is almost here, and I am still loving Bulgari's Graphic Frame Serpenti. I'm guessing it's going to be my favourite version of the Serpenti range of bags until something piques my interest even more. 

When I first introduced you to the Serpenti Graphic Frame bag from the Spring/Summer 16 collection, I was THIS CLOSE to hyperventilating, and you could probably feel it too, through the way in which the blogpost was written. Heh. It was totally sweet, and super delectable - yes I am making a food association right here because of its sorbet-like colours. The FW16 one in Black and Gold featured right here exudes a very different aura; that of refinement, luxury, decadence, and there's also something about it that oozes a sense of mystery and danger (think: femme fatale). Though you can certainly wear this with a dress or even to snazz up your casual look, there's something about this one right here that feels as if it's more suited to an evening kinda vibe, don't you think?

Image courtesy of Bulgari