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Labels , , , Valentino's Hawaiian Couture Capsule Collection

Valentino's Hawaiian Couture Capsule Collection

Medium Lock Bag with Hibiscus motif,  €2,100
Embellished Box clutch, 
Small Lock Bag, €1,900


Valentino latest "Hawaiian Couture" Capsule Collection for Summer isn't really my thing. Okay, so you girls know that I'm a total Valentino fan, but somehow, this collection doesn't really call out to me. In fact, I think their previous Capsule collections are much more tasteful. I give the designers props for making this more fun because, hey, it IS summer after all, but the palm trees have been done to death by now, and well, the pineapple clutch is something I'd expect from Kate Spade, and not Valentino. Not that it's a bad thing, but it's just not their usual aesthetic, y'know what I mean? Also, the pineapple reminds me of Spongebob...

Images via Valentino