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Prada's Limited Edition Robot Bags Capsule Collection

Prada has always had a soft spot for robots. My first encounter with Prada robots began aaaages ago. In fact, I think it was over a decade ago! I remember being fascinated and enthralled with the three-dimensional robots key fobs, which double up as bag charms. On their own, they're quite heavy, but they're just so cute that making your bag slightly more hefty, is worth it! I even had friends who, until today, have amassed quite a collection of the robot key chains, and they're still collecting them now! 

This season, Prada has launched a special Robot Bag Capsule Collection comprising small leather goods and bags, with several of their popular bags given a robotique makeover! 
Canapa series
Nylon Backpacks
Nylon Totes

Available in limited quantities, the robot motif is made of a combination of leathers, hardware, and textured leathers. I've personally played with them in the flesh, and my favourites are the Canapa ones, and even though I don't ever carry backpacks, I'm quite drawn to the blue robot on the nylon backpack! 

Images courtesy of Prada