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Labels , , , Denim and Neon Boy Chanel Bags From SS16

Denim and Neon Boy Chanel Bags From SS16

Chanel Boy bags haven't been interesting for a long time now, but this particular version, which I saw on the Chanel Spring/Summer 2016 Chanel Airlines runway show got me rather excited. And now, it's finally in stores! Yay! Although they're made of a combination of resin, mesh, and fabric and there isn't any leather on these Boys, well, except for the shoulder strip on the strap, I really REALLY like it! Okay well, so maybe because of the fuchsia, but the neon yellow one is rather interesting too! Perhaps you might disagree with me and say that fabric is less durable than the leather ones, but I mean, the colours are just so fun, not to mention, more youthful because it possesses that certain joie de vivre character. And hey, just put this alongside the regular quilted denim version and you see how the latter just pales in comparison. In fact, this was exactly what I did when a friend mentioned that she was considering the Denim one, and she was sold! The Denim one just looks too, "blah", and well, to be honest, cheap. And well if you're thinking that it's too seasonal in the way it looks, try thinking of it this way: if you get something seasonal, once the season passes, it no longer exists in store and you have a unique piece in your closet, rather than a classic piece that is always available in the boutique! ;D Plus, this is a runway piece! So that's even better! 

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. I just really love the bag THIS much! 

Images via Chanel