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Jaeger-LeCoultre's Reverso: The Christian Louboutin Edition

In  celebration of Jaeger-LeCoultre's 85th Anniversary for the iconic Reverso, Elisa Sednaoui stars in the film entitled Reverso by Christian Louboutin. No, Louboutin didn't direct this film, Olga de Grèce did. But, Louboutin has collaborated with JLC to design the "Reverso by Christian Louboutin" edition of the Reverso Classic Duetto, which will be available for just one year as part of the Atelier Reverso concept in JLC boutiques globally. So yes, it most definitely can be considered as a Limited Edition piece!

"I understood that the Reverso's iconic Art Deco lines and very specific format could be customised and changed, but never improved. The exciting part is not about enhancing the Reverso, but instead offering a different perception of it through inventive suggestions expressed on the space available for decoration and on the trap. I have always loved the shape of the watch, and would have never agreed to this project if I had not been deeply convinced that I loved the original design of this object" - Christian Louboutin -

Now watch the story and the Behind-the-Scenes videos and see the Louboutin Reverso watch take

Videos courtesy of Jaeger Le-Coultre