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Labels Louis Vuitton's Tropical Journey Capsule Collection

Louis Vuitton's Tropical Journey Capsule Collection

This month, Louis Vuitton debuts its capsule collection for the Spring/Summer 16 season. Named as the Tropical Journey Collection, the collection is distinctly divided into two themes: the "Monogram Bay, and the "Monogram Jungle". 

As its names suggest, it is a focus on the Monogram canvas. The Monogram Bay is inspired by nautical chains that bear the signature floral emblems from the classic Monogram. And if you're wondering why this looks familiar, that's because you've probably seen a variation of the chains on the Spring/Summer collection runway bags. This print is available on the Neverfull, Speedy, shoes, and a selection of SLGs.

The Monogram Jungle, on the other hand, takes inspiration from, well, the jungle. The painted fur-print dots are made to resemble the spots on animal fur, with some palm tree leaves. Available in either red dots with pink palm leaves, and blue dots with red palms on Monogram canvas, or spots sans palms on Monogram Vernis. My favourite from the collection is the GO-14 with the blue spots (first photo, bag on the left ) ;) 

Palm Springs backpack 

Speedy 30

The Tropical Journey Capsule Collection will be in stores this month! What do you say about this collection? Yay, or nay?

Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton