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Labels , , , Hermès Gets Fruity for Spring/Summer 16!

Hermès Gets Fruity for Spring/Summer 16!

As stylish as winter coats and boots may be, there's definitely a time when winter may be a bit dreary and all you long for is warmer weather. And for those of us who live in countries where it's summer all year round, we certainly long for a colder climate, especially during the current heatwave. After all, the grass usually is always greener on the other side isn't it? 

Well, fret not, because Spring is finally here, and pretty soon, Summer too! And Hermès totally preps us for the sunny weather with their latest Hermail Tutti-frutti collection for Spring/Summer 16! This is certainly one of those times that the Maison gets  gets cheeky and playful! The envelope-shaped Hermail (pretty clever innit!) sports some juicy apples and zesty lemons! The craftsmanship shines through in the ways in which the leather is expertly folded, with only a hand-stitched gusset. With a wrist strap, the clutch converts into a wristlet, while the bag has an adjustable strap. 

Who says Hermès can't be quirky? I love seeing the brand's funner side, don't you?