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I have collaborated with Coach and we are giving away 2 items from the Legacy Collection! Everyone who enters gets a gift! Click Here to Win the GRAND PRIZE!
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Diorever Savoir-Faire Stills and Video!

From the first concept sketches to the final product, Dior's latest bag of the season and soon-to-be timeless classic took 9 months in-the-making before it was finally ready. As simple as this bag looks, it really is no easy feat for the artisans to craft. Made completely by hand, it takes a full 24 hours to put together. Feast your eyes on these photos and video from inside the Dior Atelier!

While everyone is labelling the Diorever as the It bag for Spring/Summer 16, I call it the new It Classic because of its timeless appeal! If you haven't seen my Collaboration with Dior, head on over to Instagram and check out how I styled and interpreted the bag! Still a week left to go till the BAA x Dior campaign ends! ;)

Images and video courtesy of Dior