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Labels , , , Louis Vuitton x UNICEF #MAKEAPROMISE Campaign

Louis Vuitton x UNICEF #MAKEAPROMISE Campaign

Louis Vuitton has collaborated with UNICEF on the digital  #MAKEAPROMISE campaign to raise awareness and funds around the world to help children who are exposed to conflict, diseases, natural disasters, violence and other situations that endanger their safety and wellbeing. The fundraising campaign was showcased at the Sixth Biennial UNICEF Ball in Los Angeles yesterday. 

Why Pinky Promise? Chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton Michael Burke says,

When children make a promise, they take it seriously. These are promises that come straight form the heart. The piny promise is an instinctive and sincere way to seal a promise and to share it with someone close

Influencers the world over will seal their commitment with a "pinky promise" and encourage people to join them. You can get involved by making a direct donation to UNICEF, or by purchasing the silver Lockit bracelet or necklace which retails at RM2,300 at Louis Vuitton stores or the dedicated LV for UNICEF site, with 30% proceeds (RM900) going to UNICEF.

Do your bit for charity because what's better than making a donation AND getting to own and wear something fashionable at the same time?

Images and video courtesy of Louis Vuitton