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Labels , Dior Introduces The Dioressence Stiletto

Dior Introduces The Dioressence Stiletto

Dior has introduced the Dioressence, the new stiletto heel that is said to elongate the leg and its natural curves thanks to way the shoe is engineered, with its pointed toe.

Made a few kilometres outside of Venice in Italy, the shoe is made of satin-finished lamb, patent, or iridescent calf leather, the Dioressence stiletto takes more than 100 manufacturing steps to create from start to finish. Available in an assortment of colours, including two classic shades associated with Monsieur Dior - Black, which the founder thought of as the most elegant of colours, and pale pink, "the colour of happiness and femininity".  If these are too subdued for your style, it's also available in ochre, military green, cognac, Trafalgar red, bronze, white, anthracite, and shades of blue from ink and azure to navy and midnight.

 These Dioressence shoes are now available at Dior Star Hill, with prices beginning from RM3,500. 

Now check out the video below for the full Dioressence experience ;)

Images courtesy of Dior