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Cartier's Love Bracelet

So if you've been eyeing a Cartier Love ring, bracelet or bangle but find the price point a little too steep, then perhaps you could opt for this version of the Love bracelet with two interlocked rings on a silk cord - one in 18 karat pink gold with a diamond, and the bother, a brown ceramic ring. Okay fine, perhaps the reason I'm really suggesting this is because of the gorgeous fuchsia-coloured adjustable silk cord, heh, always a sucker for pink. Downside:  you have to be careful and try your best not to drop it because the other ceramic ring will not be a pretty sight if it hits a hard surface a little too hard whether while you're wearing it or if you accidentally drop it (I'm a big klutz like that!). However, if you're worried about the silk cord snagging or wearing away, no worries, you can always replace it when it's worn - and it doesn't necessarily have to be from Cartier either. A different coloured silk cord could do, or even a waxed cotton version. I, on the other hand, have been tickled pink by this one (pardon the pun). Price at RM 5,000, and the fact that it comes with a diamond, it's a pretty decent price that wouldn't burn a hole through your pocket as much as the ring or bangle. ;)

Image courtesy of Cartier