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Gucci's Limited Edition Dionysus City Bags

Following the success of the It Bag by Alessandro Michele, Gucci has launched the Limited Edition Dionysus City Bags. Each of these bags are in the GG Supreme material, with exclusive designs specially created for the various cities that have been chosen by this project: Rome, New York, London, Paris, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Dubai. These special edition Dionysus City bags are available only at the flagship Gucci of the selected cities. The Limited Edition bags come with a leather logo patch with an embroidered leather patch in different colours for different cities, with the bee motif, that states "Gucci" followed by the City "Exclusive" for which it was released. 

Dionysus Tokyo Exclusive

Dionysus Shanghai Exclusive

Dionysus Rome Exclusive

Dionysus Paris Exclusive

Dionysus New York Exclusive

Dionysus Milan Exclusive

Dionysus London Exclusive

Dionysus Hong Kong Exclusive

Dionysus Dubai Exclusive

The Dionysus City Bags will be available in each of the above-named cities' flagship stores from January onwards! But you'd probably want to snap them up quickly because they are only available in Limited quantities because they're Limited Editions! They'd definitely make great collectors' items! ;)

Images courtesy of Gucci

Also, I'd like to wish all of you a Happy New Year! May you enjoy abundant blessings in 2016! Let's work towards making 2016 bigger, better, and bolder than 2015! And for those of you who are partying tonight, please drive safe and don't drink and drive!!