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Loewe's Barcelona Bag

Loewe's Barcelona bag is one of my favourite bags for the Fall/Winter 15 season. The triangular slip-in leather closure really reminds me of a guitar-pick (and for those of you who saw my 6-page piece curated FW15 bags edit in Style magazine's October issue, I also said this because I do think that every time I see it!) . This seemingly ornamental detail is great because it isn't just decorative, it actually serves a purpose, and besides, we haven't seen this sort of closure on any other bags have we? ;) Jonathan Anderson has certainly brought new meaning to regular silhouettes like the tote and rectangular shoulder bags - With the triangular closure as the main element against classic bag shapes,  the result is effortlessly chic. In short, it's something simple, but not at all a snoozefest. In this case, less is most definitely more! 
If you're not a fan of bright colours, like the ones above, the Barcelona bags are also available in-stores in more subdued colours including black, tan, and Loewe's signature Oro. 

Images courtesy of Loewe