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Labels , Newsflash: PETA Acquires Stake In Hermès

Newsflash: PETA Acquires Stake In Hermès

Following the accusations against Hermès for unethical treatment of crocodiles for bags which led to Jane Birkin wanting to dissociate herself from the French Maison's crocodile bags,  the brand had since thoroughly investigated the case, verified, and confirmed that the crocodile farm in Texas isn't one of their suppliers. And this just in, Fortune magazine has reported that PeTA has acquired a very minor stake in Hermès. Although it's only merely a single share, PETA now has a role as an activist shareholder, thus allowing them to sit in the Maison's shareholder meetings. In doing so, PETA's goal is to "work from inside to demand a permanent band on exotic animal-skin accessories, including crocodile-skin bags and alligator-skin watchbands."

Well, if they become successful at doing so, those who own the Holy Grail of all bags - the croc Birkin - will not only be able to auction it off at an even more exorbitant price than they had purchased it for, not only because it's already as elusive as it is, it would become more of a collector's piece than it already is!

I'm honestly don't think they'd be successful, but what do you think?