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Labels , , Newsflash: Louis Vuitton To Discontinue Monogram Multicolore

Newsflash: Louis Vuitton To Discontinue Monogram Multicolore

Last week, WWD announced that Louis Vuitton would soon be discontinuing their Monogram Multicolore range that was developed in collaboration by Marc Jacobs and Japanese pop artist Takashi Murakami. While I find it a little brash, well, the black version a little more so than the white one, and I'm not at all a fan of anything logo-ed or monogrammed to begin with, I know that it's a hot favourite amongst us Asians. And guess what? I then did some research of my own, and my sources have confirmed that because it's such a popular collection in Asia, Louis Vuitton had made a business decision to discontinue the Monogram Multicolore range in Europe and the United States, but it would still be available in Asia. I guess you could call it an Asia-only Exclusive from now on, until further notice, when Vuitton decides to completely discontinue it worldwide!

If you're a fan, then I'd suggest you'd head on over to get what you want from the collection, stat! And for those of you who have existing pieces from the Multicolore collection, then, please keep them because they could very well become collectible vintage pieces when it ceases to exist!!