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Labels , , , Hermès Assures Ethical Standards Towards Crocodiles

Hermès Assures Ethical Standards Towards Crocodiles

You might have heard in the news recently a couple of days ago that a crocodile farm in Texas was implicated for inhumane treatment of these reptiles. This had led to Jane Birkin (yep the woman the Birkin was created for and named after), requesting that Hermès remove her name from the Holy Grail of bags - the Crocodile Birkin.

Hermès has since thoroughly investigated this, and has ensured us that what had happened are merely accusations because the Texas farm doesn't belong to them, and that the crocodile skins supplied are not used for their Birkin bags. For over 10 years, Hermès conducts monthly visits to their partner crocodile farms to ensure ethical treatment and standards towards crocodiles and conform to the slaughter standards established by veterinary experts by the Fish and Wildlife (a federal American organisation for the protection of nature) and with the rules established under the U.N.O., by the Washington Convention of 1973, which defines the protection of endangered species.

Image via Getty Images