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Labels , Gucci's Fall 2015 Windows For Alessandro Michele's Debut

Gucci's Fall 2015 Windows For Alessandro Michele's Debut

Gucci recently unveiled the latest store window display for Alessandro Michele's Fall/Winter 2015 collection at the 5th Avenue store in New York City.

The window dedicate to accessories feature a giant embroidered bee with the floral Dionysus bag from the FW15 campaign in tow, and below it, a carpet of flowers, with accessory-laden decapitated hands emerging upwards from it. First thing that came to mind when I saw this window? Well, okay not so much as thought, but rather, Rimsky-Korsakov's Flight of the Bumblebee came to mind. Except this time, it seemed more like a Revenge of the bumblebee, with zombie hands punching through their flower-filled graves, just before they rise from the dead. Haha, sorry I have a vivid imagination... 

Featuring strips of purple and turquoise LEDs for a 3D effect, the windows are certainly lifelike, thanks to a mechanised rotating rail showcasing ready-to-wear (ala Cher's walk-in wardrobe from the movie Clueless) with a large embroidered snake slithering across the floor.

The windows will be installed across stores globally beginning the end of July.  I can't wait to see how the Pavilion store windows will look like.

Images courtesy of Kevin Tachman for Gucci