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Kate Spade Collaborates With The Magnolia Bakery

Owing its claim to fame to the numerous mentions in Sex and the City, The Magnolia Bakery has since become THE go-to place for cupcakes in New York. While most of us may think that cupcakes are no longer fashionable thanks to the rise in popularity of cake pops, followed by cronuts, and now, macarons, Kate Spade certainly doesn't think so! In fact, Kate Spade is on a mission to resurrect the fashionability of cupcakes as the dessert du jour with the latest dessert-inspired collection designed in collaboration with The Magnolia Bakery.  

Set to launch in October, this Limited Edition collection comprises a cupcake box tote, banana pudding cross body bag, an illustrated tote, and a cookbook clutch 

President and Chief Creative Officer of Kate Spade, Deborah Lloyd commented that she "immediately thought of Magnolia Bakery's classically charming aesthetic when looking for design inspiration this season." 

No prices are available just yet, but Come October, the collection will be available in all Kate Spade boutiques in the US, and selected Kate Spade international stores, including  China, Japan, Mexico and the UK. Good news is if it isn't available in Malaysia, you can always get it via the Official Website

Gah, I'm certainly eyeing the Cupcake bag! It's just TOO adorable for words! Which pieces do YOU have your eye on?

Images courtesy of Kate Spade