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Louis Vuitton's 7 Iconic Bags in Nano Size

A couple of years ago, Louis Vuitton introduced with the BB (i.e. mini) sized bags. This Summer, Vuitton will unveil the Nano collection, where 7 miniature versions of the Maison's iconic bags, with the date of introduction listed in brackets: the Nano Speedy (1930), Turenne (2014), Pallas (2013) and Noé (1932) in monogram canvas, Epi leather for the Alma (1992), and a gorgeous blush-toned Magnolia cashmere calfskin for the W (2013) and Lockit (1958, and reinterpreted in a luxe version in 2014). 

The Alma MM and Nano Alma in CoquelicotEpi leather

Alma GM and Nano Alma in Fuchsia Epi Leather

Pallas GM in monogram canvas and calf leather Cerise
Nano Pallas in Monogram canvas and calf leather Cerise
Nano Pallas in Monogram canvas and calf leather Noir

Noé GM in Monogram canvas
Nano Speedy, Noé and Turenne in monogram canvas

Nano Speedy in monogram canvas

Speedy 40 in Mongoram canvas
Nano Pallas in monogram canvas and calf leather Cerise
Nano Turenne, Noé and Speedy

And last but certainly not the least, my absolute favourites of the entire bunch.  Haha yes, guilty as charged, most of all because of the sweet Magnolia colour, but truth be told, I also generally prefer the shapes of both the Lockit and the W bags to the others, not to mention that I quite liked them even in the other colours (okay, maybe not the monogrammed version for the W, but still...) because they exuded a sort of quiet luxury (same goes for the Capucines). Oh, and despite my aversion to all things logo-ed, I like the fact that the 3D logo bits on the W are in the same colour as the entire bag, so that it isn't too "in your face", if you get what I mean ;D
Lockit in Magnolia calf leather
Nano Lockit and W in Magnolia calf leather
Nano Alma in Rose Nacré Epi Leather

Now that you know which my favourites are, what are yours? Would you be buying any of these bags in the Nano proportions?

Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton