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Labels , Hermès Fine Jewellery Collection For AW15

Hermès Fine Jewellery Collection For AW15

Hermès has launched their Autumn/Winter 15 fine jewellery collection by going back to the archives.

The Filet D'Or collection in white gold and diamonds pays homage to the Maison's equestrian heritage by focusing on the horsebit, and saddle fasteners. 

The Filet de selle bracelet (above), now reimagined in diamonds, was in fact the very first piece of Hermès jewellery dating back to 1927
My Favourite piece, the Filet D'Or double finger ring. 

Filet D'Or ring

Filet D'Or Sautoir necklace in white gold and diamonds

Wear them stacked to form a Greek column

The Delos is a collection of bangles in gold and silver. Taking their name from a Greek island, the bangles, designed by Pierre Hardy, with their vertical grooves, are made to resemble Greek columns and architecture. Either wear them separately or stack them if you're going for a bolder look.

Chaîne D'Ancre Enchaînée necklace in yellow gold and diamonds

Previously only made in silver, the Chaîne D'Ancre Enchaînee is now available in yellow gold and diamonds with more than two thousand diamonds on one of its strands. 

Do you see anything that you like? For me, it's definitely the double-finger Filet D'Or ring!

Images courtesy of Hermès