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Labels , , Event Post: Exhibit x ALT by Curated Editions @ SGFW Runway Report

Event Post: Exhibit x ALT by Curated Editions @ SGFW Runway Report

Exhibit x ALT by Curated Editions was a collaborative effort between Yoyo Cao and Angie Lai-Tay, our very own KL-grown accessories label. I loved the chunky jewellery (we all know I'm a huge fan of all things chunky, don't we?) from last year at Audi Fashion Fest which I got to be part of, and this year, was no exception.  

While the slicked back hair with low pony divided into several sections suited the looks but weren't really my kind of thing because they sort of reminded me of how a string of sausages are bundled together, the ready-to-wear collection, was stellar. With the completely monochromatic colour palette, pom-pom and mesh details, it reminded me of luxe sportswear - something that the Americans have perfected to the T. In fact, I'd go as far to say that this collection is on par with the likes of Alexander Wang. Well done Yoyo!

Images by Once Over Lightly