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Labels , , Newsflash -- $200 Balenciaga bags: Balenciaga's Website Malfunction

Newsflash -- $200 Balenciaga bags: Balenciaga's Website Malfunction

Balenciaga's website malfunction had caused the price of their (US$1,000 - 2,000) bags to go for as low as US$200! This resulted in hordes of Balenciaga fans (and everyone else, really) flocking over to the e-commerce site to purchase a whole lot of bags!

Being a fangirl myself, I was super bummed that I missed out this opportunity that apparently had been happening since Thursday morning. I headed over to their website this morning, to see if I could get something. But, to my dismay, the prices of the bags had returned to their original price. Thinking it was a hoax or publicity stunt, I did further research, only to find that the Balenciaga  HQ had canceled all orders made during this period, because of the technical glitch.