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Labels , , Behind-The-Scenes With BAA x Repetto For Spring/Summer 15

Behind-The-Scenes With BAA x Repetto For Spring/Summer 15

Hello lovelies! By now, you've already seen my Repetto Spring/Summer 15 collaboration posts, now, here are the behind-the-scenes shots! 

I chose this bridge as the location for the shoot because I love the lines!

"Find the light!", she says

If you're wondering why I was dressed up at first, it's because I first decided to do full-body shots and then after lunch, I decided to try one shot of me lying on the floor, with legs up in the air, like you saw in Part 2, and the photos came out so awesome that we decided to re-shoot everything with just legs up in the air!!!

Say hello to my photog, Once Over Lightly!

Aaaaaand, that's a wrap! 

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