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Labels , , Balenciaga's Mesh City Bags

Balenciaga's Mesh City Bags

Mini Mesh City bag

Alexander Wang's sporty-luxe philosophy certainly comes through in this collection of Balenciaga Mini City and City bags. But as a Balenciaga fangirl, I'm really quite iffy about this, mainly because the main body of the bag is made of mesh, and trimmed with leather. 

Green Mesh Classic City Bag

Grey Mesh Classic City Bag

Mesh is generally quite a soft material, and has no "body", so with the leather trims, these bits would be much heavier than the mesh, and will therefore weigh the bag down, causing it to slouch more than usual. In time, I have a feeling that it would just crumple into a heap. I haven't personally seen or touched this bag as yet, but unless it's made from a very sturdy canvas with "mesh-like" details woven onto the fabric, it would not be able to stand upright on its own.