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Labels , Corum's Admiral Cup - Now For Women!

Corum's Admiral Cup - Now For Women!

Corum has just introduced one of their signature timepieces since the 1960s - The Admiral's Cup - for ladies.

While some of us (well, okay, a LOT of us, myself included) prefer wearing men's watches over those made for women, the Admiral's Cup Legend Lady certainly has more feminine appeal in comparison to the men's version, thanks to the more rounded and less angular edges on the duodenary (12-sided) bezel.

32mm, available in stainless steel and 18kt red gold
or 38mm in Stainless steel

Named after the annual yacht races, The Admiral's Cup collection was introduced by founder René Bannwart, due to his penchant for sailing and regattas, seafaring vibe is retained on the dial, with the nautical signal flags instead of numbers, with each flag representing a number, according to the International Code of Signals.

18-karat Red gold bezel with mother-of-pearl face on a satin strap

32mm Stainless steel bezel Brilliant-cut diamonds (certified VS quality)

I, on the other hand, prefer a less sporty approach, especially when it comes to luxury timepieces, so I'd go for this one with a geometric pattern formed by brilliant-cut VS diamonds. That said though, my favourite Corum still remains one of my favourite watch brands, especially the ones with the hand-painted faces!

Images courtesy of Corum