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#PFW: Chanel Spring/Summer 15 Bags Report

Chanel's Spring/Summer 15 Runway was turned into "Boulevard Chanel", a street scene, with the models staging a fashion coup. Models were seen demonstrating on the streets, with placards and chanting feminist slogans like "History is Her Story", "Feminist but Feminine" and fashion-related ones, most notably, "Make Fashion, not War", which features prominently throughout the collection, and by that yes, I mean on the bags! And oh, Gisele made an appearance too! ;) 

The Verdict: The bags ranged from the luxurious to the well, more, dare I say, common, which, to an extent (especially the messenger bags), reminded me of those from the Hippie era. While Karl insists that there is no common thread that ties the entire collection together, never ever have I seen such a huge disparity in terms of the ragged, almost Salvation Army-esque vibe and the more classically Chanel feel. While I love the splashes of colour and prints on the RTW looks, I guess the thing that binds the collection together is the esprit de corps spirit.

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