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Louis Vuitton's Icons and Iconoclasts - The REVEAL!

By now, you're probably already familiar with Louis Vuitton's Icons and Iconoclasts project - a collaborative effort with creative minds in their respective artistic fields. Christian Louboutin, Karl Lagerfeld, Cindy Sherman, Rei Kawakubo, Frank Gehry,  and Marc Newson were given complete artistic license to come up with innovative interpretations of the Louis Vuitton Monogram. 

You've already seen the introductory post and the video, now here's an closeup look of the pieces! And oh, did I mention that today marks the official launch of the Icons and Iconoclasts project! 

Christian Louboutin

Karl Lagerfeld
Available in 3 sizes: PM, MM and GM 

Rei Kawakubo

Frank Gehry

Side View

Interior View

Cindy Sherman

Marc Newson
Shearling Backpack

And psst: guess what? These very items will be exhibited in KL sometime towards the end of this year so stay tuned for deets!

Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton