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Labels , , , Fendi Launches Croco Embroidery Bags

Fendi Launches Croco Embroidery Bags

For the first time ever, Fendi launches the Croco Embroidery collection. So, instead of embossed croc on leather, this collection utilises a special embroidery and embossing method on nappa leather to give it a texture similar to that of real crocodile leather that they're practically indistinguishable!

This would be featured on the 2Jours Family of bags, which include the petite2Jours, DemiJours, 3Jours and the Baguette. Complete with tortoiseshell-effect accents that are actually made of plexiglas. The best thing about this croc-effect Croco Embroidery collection is that you'd have the feel and look of a crocodile bag (and we all know how much they cost!) without having to fork out your entire life savings for it! ;)

Image courtesy of Fendi