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#MFW: Fendi Spring/Summer 15 Bags Report


Pretty Sparkly Shiny BTW bags

The Verdict: It seems that Fendi has down-sized everything for Spring/Summer 15  with not just the Mini Peekaboo, but now also  Micro-sized Peekaboos, Baguettes and Monster Baguettes that take on exotic, embroidered and embellished forms. And even Karlito itself has got a Mini Me version now!
The 3 Jours, like the FW14 By the Way bag, also sports a croc "tail", while what seems to be a variation of the Baguette (which now comes with a "rain coat" option) has a new logo which I quite like!  But my faves would definitely be the Peekaboo and the bejewelled By the Way bags (hence the only images with captions above!) LOL As for the miniature Baguette, It would be rather nice to use as a bag charm or an iPhone case, don't you think? ;)

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