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Labels , Event Post: Hermès Silk Ball

Event Post: Hermès Silk Ball

So, a Masquerade Ball - my first of sorts and of course, this being so, I jumped with joy when I received the invitation to the Hermès Silk Ball. And then, panic set in because, *gulp* I had nothing in my closet that was remotely appropriate for such an event, an Hermès one at that! The event invitation also said fantastical makeup and headgear. As luck would have it, just when I had almost given up, I found a ball-worthy gown in my favourite colour - fuchsia. But no, not the sort with the pouffy full skirts, because, hey, I wasn’t going for the Disney princess look, AND we weren’t asked to dress in period costumes ala the ball gowns in the style of Marie Antoinette. Plus, it being Malaysia, how many people actually comply with the dress code? I didn’t wanna go into the ball sticking out like a sore thumb, or as if I tried too hard. With one problem solved, and since the event invite said “headgear”, I took this as an opportunity to wear a fascinator - something I’ve always wanted to do. But then a mask AND a fascinator (if worn together) would be a tad OTT. So I decided against the mask (plus, they aren’t really my thing, really).

When I got dropped off that the venue’s entrance (the KL Chinese Assembly Hall) I thought hey, held at one of the city’s old architectural landmarks, I was certainly in for an evening of decadence, opulence and grandeur. For those who came without masks (and surprisingly, there were only few who didn’t), Hermès had that covered - selection of paper masks with their latest silk scarf prints were available. While I did pick out one of the Hermès masks, I didn’t end up wearing it because, as I said, it ain’t really my thing, lol).

Upon entry to the venue after the registration counter, there was a maze of mirrors and walls with Hermès scarf prints on them.

Photo courtesy of Hermès

Photo courtesy of Hermès

Photo courtesy of Hermès

 Once you manage to find your way out, dim lighting enveloped the space. A fortune-telling booth on the right, a flip book photo corner a little in front to my left (SO disappointed that my file got corrupted and by that time, the queue was way too long for me to want to do it again, plus, too many people would be watching me pose in front of the cam, something I ain’t too comfy with in front of an audience) and a large buffet spread with not just canapés, but also substantial food like roast lamb, roast beef, a cheese and cracker board, and sweet treats flanked either side of the hall. Leather benches and tables in the middle of the hall for guests to sit, mingle and of course, eat (it’s practically a national sport innit?). Other activities also included a hair braiding booth, complete with feathers and flowers where you could get your hair done, a “photo studio” with Hermès scarves you could use as props, instaprints (you get prints of your Instagram uploads if you’ve tagged them with #hermes #silkball) and a tattoo booth (tattoo transfers that wash off, that is, lol).

Photo courtesy of Hermès

Fortune telling booth
Tattoo booth with the gorgeous silk scarf throw over the couch

Hair braiding booth (Photo by Once Over Lightly)

Food, glorious food...

As I said earlier, I expected an evening of decadence, opulence and grandeur…well, or so I thought. Because as more people streamed into the hall, I realised that it was akin to the atmosphere resembled a Brazilian Carnivale - the attendees all came with pretty masks, big feathered headpieces (sometimes both), and of course, the ultimate accessory, an Hermès bag/clutch. I was also hoping to spot someone with fantastical makeup, but the closest that came to that was just One girl with gold foil on her forehead and one of her cheeks.

The Dancers
Photo courtesy of Hermès

Photo courtesy of Hermès

The performance and dance lesson began, after which the dance floor was open for the entire night. Cue thumping beats (not my kinda thang) and strobe lights of every colour imaginable that pulsated to the beat. The night ended with a bang - we all got a confetti shower.

But before we conclude this post, here are some other shots of the night

Photo courtesy of Hermès

Thanks to Sheila for snapping the photo!
Photo courtesy of Once Over Lightly

My friend Laydeh getting her flip book done


Thanks Hermès for having me there! I had a ball (and yes, pun intended)!


Photos by Bag Addicts Anonymous unless otherwise stated