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Valentino's CamuButterfly

The camouflage, a print that was part of the army uniforms, has, since its inception, made its way into the fashion realm - we've seen it in the original khaki/olive, and even in other colours like blue, pink, orange, and what-have-you. What Valentino has done, is they have cleverly utilised this concept and turned it into a camouflage of butterflies, which they have termed, Camubutterfly. 

Camubutterfly is, in itself, a mini-collection within the Pre-Fall collection that consists of Ready-to-Wear, shoes, and of course, accessories. Taking the silhouette of the Va-Va-Voom bag, the Camubutterfly shoulder bag comes with a beautiful matte gold butterfly detailing, and I have nothing but major love for this bag.

Images courtesy of Valentino