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Newsflash: Fake or Real? New Designer Bag Detector App

Haven't we all wondered whether someone's designer bag is really as authentic as it appears to be? I mean, hey, counterfeiters sure have perfected the art replicating a designer bag to the T so much so that it really is quite scary how real they look. You'd really have to inspect really reaaaaallly closely to see the very minute telltale sign, which most might miss. And then there are those who sell the bag at close to retail prices, claiming that the bags are authentic, and the only way they can afford to sell slightly below retail is because they had purchased it from Europe, etc etc. These are justifications that I've really heard too much of (as you know, I am against counterfeiting) and it's sad that I've seen many a friend who have fallen prey to these scams because of the "too good to be true" prices and/or people who fall into the "I can't wait anymore because I've been waiting for my Birkin for ages so I don't even mind paying premium (read: above retail) prices just so I can get my hands on one" categories, only to realise after purchasing that they've been duped.

Well, whether you're just style stalking someone's bag, or trying to deduce whether you're about to be conned into purchasing a replica that is passed off as a fake, guess what? There's finally going to be an app that can solve those woes. Yep, you read that right. Digital startup Awear Solutions is developing an app that would allow you to determine whether a designer bag is actually legit by using a microchip system (yep, I know it has been rumoured that certain luxury brands have thought about embedding a microchip in their bags so that a fake is easily sussed out). And according to, this concept has already been tested by DKNY. Awear has developed this because very often we see people on the street and we want to know where they got their clothes, shoe, etc, but are sometimes too afraid to ask. But to do this, Awear has to embed a chip in the bags, and we're talking all designer bags. Which means that they'd have to get the designers on board. The app would certainly make our lives easier, not to mention a huge leap towards anti-counterfeiting, but I think it's going to be tough roping all luxury brands in on this even though it would work to their benefit.

What are YOUR thoughts?