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Labels , , , Newflash: Balenciaga Has Increased Its Prices on Bags!

Newflash: Balenciaga Has Increased Its Prices on Bags!

Image via PurseBlog

So it seems as if May is the auspicious month for luxury brands to increase their prices. First, it was Chanel, and now, Balenciaga too! And for Balenciaga this time around, the price has been hiked to as much as 20%. This percentage, however, isn't an across the board increase, but is instead dependent on the style.

Now here's the breakdown of the percentage increase thanks to Spotted Fashion

And for the even more detailed breakdown with price comparisons between the old price and the new price, again thanks to Spotted Fashion:

As you all know, Balenciaga is one of my favourite bag brands, so I, for one, am certainly mourning this price hike. What about you?