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Labels , , , , Love It or Hate It: Chanel's Cruise 2015 Gold Petrol Can Bag

Love It or Hate It: Chanel's Cruise 2015 Gold Petrol Can Bag

Image via @Chanel on Twitter

Chanel recently had their Cruise 2015 show in Dubai last week, and ever since, the whole fashion world has been abuzz with this particular runway bag above that looks like a canister of petrol. As usual, King Karl has bits and elements of the country that serves as not only "host" but also the destination for the collection being shown, so this petrol can is a direct reference to the Middle East's mega oil resource. The only difference between the real thing and this particular runway piece is that it's in a luscious shade of quilted metallic gold leather with the iconic interlocking Cs. This is one runway pieces that you either are ga-ga over, or absolutely detest - there's no in-between with this one. As for me, I fall into the latter category. What about you?