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Limited Edition Lady Dior With Badges

When I was a kid, I vividly remember mummy dearest personalising my jeans with cutesy iron-on patches. This was the very thing that came to mind when I saw this Limited Edition Lady Dior with badges. 

The iconic Lady Dior bag made popular by the late Princess Diana is now all decked out in houndstooth detailed embroidered badges with a touch of sequins and beads for that lil sparkle which adds a touch of femininity. Coupled with metallic gold handles you have that high society vibe going on. Available at Dior's Star Hill boutique in either black or white, these babies will set you back a whopping RM 22,000 for the medium size, and RM23,500 for the large. With this Limited Edition piece, you could easily be the wife or daughter of the highest officer of the Dior regalia.

Images courtesy of Dior