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Spotlight On: The Making of Gucci's Lady Lock Bamboo Bag

You've seen Gucci's amazing Bamboo Confidential video. Now here's a look at the step-by-step process of how the Lady Lock Bamboo bag is made from start to finish by the Gucci artisans at the atelier. 

Cutting the skins from a paper pattern

Flattening out the skins

Cutting of the lining for the bag
Stitching the interior zipper pocket and Gucci leather tag onto the lining

Drilling holes for the screws so that the clasp can be attached to the bag

Engraving the Gucci logo onto the clasp
Polishing the clasp

Applying glue to make the flap of the bag

Painting over to Seal the raw leather edges
Shaping the flap of the bag

Stitching the flap
Ensuring the bag's shape is maintained by clipping it
Hand-stitching the sides of the bag

Heating the Bamboo to Bend it into shape
lacquering the bamboo handles

Sanding the handles to smoothen it

Attaching the bamboo handle

Fastening the clasp


All images in this post courtesy of Gucci