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Sophie Hulme Spring/Summer 2014

 I have, for a long time, not been a fan of any monograms nor logos, rather preferring to opt for understated chic. But then there are people who are of the opinion that "hey, if I spent so much money on something, they better be recognisable". My response to that is always: "Well, why does it matter even if you DID spend a significant sum of your savings on it? You're carrying it for yourself, and not for everyone else. Besides, people who are "in the know" would know them anyway ;D"

With that, I present you British designer Sophie Hulme's Spring/Summer 2014 collection. The designer started her namesake label back in 2008, and although her designs are totally devoid of any logos, the signature gold plate-like hardware makes her bags instantly recognisable. Oh and they're also definitely more on the budget-friendly end of the spectrum so you don't have to worry about breaking the bank with her designs.

Mini Soft Envelope Clutch SGD 790

Mini Soft Envelope Clutch SGD 760

Mini Envelope Bag in Tangerine SGD 590

Mini Soft Flap Bag SGD 920

Mini Zip-Top Bowling Bag SGD 1,450

Soft Buckle Tote SGD 1,290

Soft Zip Top Buckle Tote  SGD 1,150

I usually am a sucker for all things pink, but somehow not this time around. I'd opt for the striped zip-top bowling bag hands-down! :D All items are available for purchase via Singapore-based multilabel e-tailer Doorstep Luxury, and shipping to Malaysia is FREE!

Images courtesy of Doorstep Luxury