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Prada's Double Bag

You've all seen Prada's latest offering, the Double Bag. A walk through Pavilion or KLCC and you'd have seen it in Prada's windows. Its name "Double" (pronounced "doo-blay") is rather misleading because people often thing that it's 2 bags in one, or, a bag within a bag. And it isn't really that at all.

The "Double" refers to the two different types of leathers (shown above) used in the construction of this bag - Saffiano on the exterior, and lined with Nappa on the interior that makes it extremely lightweight. In fact, it's one of Prada's lightest bags (well, if you don't include the nylon range) in a long time. Extremely chic for the office, the double bag is an artisanal piece, that takes 5 hours to complete. And it's made even more beautiful because the interior colours are totally different from the exterior, with its raw edges sealed in the same hue as the interior colour so you have a nice peekaboo effect on the handles and edges.

Available in 10 different colours, it retails at RM 9,140.

Now watch how the bag is made in this video:


Images via Prada