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Dior Addict Collection

The mere mention of Dior Addict would probably have you thinking along the lines of the perfume or the lipstick. But nope, that's not what today's blogpost is about. Instead, Dior has just launched a bag collection under the same name. Yep, so in addition to the makeup you now have the luxury handbags collection.

A true classic timeless beauty, the open-top Dior Addict bags come with a detachable envelope pouch on the inside, which, when detached, can be used as a purse/clutch. The bag oozes sophistication with its sleek lines, and the surprise factor? Its side profile which is a buttoned down fold which is reminiscent of the cuff Monsieur Dior's Arizona coat from 1948.

Vertical Dior Addict

Vertical bi-colour leather RM 10,300

Gahhhh loving this colour!

The collection is available in 3 sizes: the Mini (RM 8,500), Small (RM 9,600) and Medium (RM 11,300), and also in the Vertical style (RM 10,300). The Dior Addict collection also sports the signature D-I-O-R charms in either coppery orange, light or bright pink. Please note, however that all prices above are for the bi-colour leather versions. Prices with exotic skin details are available upon request.

Images courtesy of Dior