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Chloe Perforated Paraty

Okay, so this is a blogpost that is rather unexpected for me because:

1)  I've never been a fan of perforated anything no matter its shape or form.
2) I used to be a HUGE fan of the Paraty (years ago) and despite it still being one of the Chloé classics, I believe that it it's a bag which has already enjoyed its heydays.

But then I started to reconsider because I was drawn to the bag without first realising it was perforated. This was how my thought process went when I saw it.. "hmm.. Paraty, okay, meh. Ooohh wait, small spotted little silver studs. *gets in for a closer inspection* only to realise it was perforated... so hm, how DO I feel about it? *Rehashes the aforementioned reasons to self* Fine, it really isn't too bad."  Yes, that really is how I think, haha.

So the reason I'm featuring this Perforated Paraty today is mainly because the perforations look more like small dark gunmetal studs. Yes, despite some say they're tired of studs and can't stand to see yet another studded season on any bag, I will always have a love affair with them.

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